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Make Sellers’ Agents Know You Are a Serious ...

How to Make Sellers’ Agents Know You Are a Serious Buyer Today’s housing market is experiencing increased competition. With lower housing inventory and fast-moving buyers, bidding wars and competitive offers have become more common. As a result, buyers may need to act more quickly to have an edge in this crowded landscape.  One way to […]

Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval: What’s t...

“You’ve Been Pre-Qualified!” We’ve all received mailers and emails letting us know that our finances are in good shape to buy a house. The message usually goes on to say that you’re a great potential customer to become a homeowner. After a pre-assessment of your finances, credit history, and earning potential, a lender has determined […]

How To Find a Home That Fits Your Budget

Affordable homes exist – here’s how to find one Table of Contents Preparing To Shop for Houses Location, Location, Location Choosing the Right Property Type What Size Home Can You Afford? Interior and Exterior Features Home Condition and Expected Repairs The Bottom Line Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Home prices have reached all-time highs, but you’re […]