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Types of Mortgages for Self-Employed Home Buyers

Allow me to emphasize that “anyone can apply for a mortgage,” and encourage first-time homebuyers not to dismiss the prospect at the outset. That being said, self-employed applicants should also prepare for some extra acrobatics during the application process. Mortgages come in an array of flavors and sizes, and choosing the right one for you […]

Home Loan Closing — A Homeowner’s Guide:

Few steps in buying a home are as stressful as the closing process. While some jurisdictions refer to the closing process as “settlement” or “escrow,” it’s essentially the same wherever you go: that pivotal moment when all parties meet and the closing agent transfers ownership of a home from seller to buyer, and all the […]

Freddie Mac Resources for Homeownership: In Times ...

There’s no question the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented economic hardship for so many, including those struggling to make their mortgage payments. To help arm consumers with the knowledge they need to make proactive and informed decisions now and in the future Freddie Mac launched #HelpStartsHere, an initiative focused with providing affected homeowners with options […]